MRO Aviation: What is It?

Posted by Stefan

Aviation is a complex industry. There are a lot of aircraft parts to consider when making sure that your aeroplane is safe and performs to the best of its capabilities. As a result, you could hear terms and phrases that you’re unfamiliar with – one of which may be ‘MRO’.

Explaining the Term ‘MRO’

MRO stands for maintenance, repair, and overhaul. This term is used in aviation to indicate a major maintenance facility, whether it is part of an airline, a flight department or in some cases, the army. Maintenance, repair, and overhaul services are essential in any industry that uses machinery to run operations. It’s therefore vital in aviation where safety and efficiency are paramount.

An MRO facility is where aircraft is taken to be serviced. There are many different types of these facilities, and the maintenance is typically completed on the airframe or on the aircraft’s engines. However, aeroplanes now also receive routine in-service inspections, daily check actions and regular troubleshooting, all of which sit under the term ‘MRO’.

The Three Elements of MRO

When it comes to MRO aviation, there are three elements to consider to ensure the aircraft is in optimal condition:


Before deploying an aircraft, it is crucial to make sure that there are no obvious faults, issues or snags that may affect the vehicle or its ability to fly. Getting it regularly serviced will allow the aircraft to stay in top-tier condition so that passenger safety isn’t jeapordised.


On average, there are roughly 350,000 moving components attributed to an aircraft so it’s not uncommon for issues and faults to arise. However, when they do, and no matter how ‘minor’ they may seem, they must get resolved as quickly as possible. If an instrument panel doesn’t respond the way it should, if there is a dent in the body of the aircraft, a crack in the window, or the engine has failed, a swift repair by trained aircraft engineers will ensure the vehicle is airborne again in no time.


Arguably the most important element in aviation MRO, overhauling an aeroplane is a substantially large job. As most aircraft travel hundreds of thousands of miles in their lifetime, experience significant turbulence, and typically land at 130mph in all weather conditions, ‘wear and tear’ comes with the territory.

As part of the overhaul process, the entire aircraft is dismantled piece by piece. All of the parts are then thoroughly inspected, before then being reassembled. This process allows for a detailed inspection of all surface and internal parts of the aircraft, making it a key element of its lifecycle.

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