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Leidse Schouw 2-F1 Alphen a/d Rijn 2408AE Netherlands

Patria Netherlands specializes in the manufacturing, repair and distribution of components for aircraft and helicopters. At our Zevenaar facility, Patria has fully equipped workshops with high-tech production – and test-equipment ensuring that all components are delivered in accordance with the highest standards and expectations within Aerospace Industry. From our Alphen aan den Rijn facility we deliver helicopter and aircraft parts directly from our distribution stock and exchange pool. The items on our capability list range from transceivers to life vests, from actuators to headsets and from oil & greases to a wide range of filters. In addition to this logistic support we also offer broad expertise to military government organizations and private military MRO’s. With over 40 years of manufacturing and MRO experience, Patria has the expertise from which it is able to provide its customers with proactive advise and technical support helping to ensure the most cost effective support solutions are provided to its civil and military customers worldwide. We are fully certified: Part 145, AS9100, AS9110, AS9120, EASA/FAA/TCCA, ISO9001:2015

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