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Alacaatlı mahallesi 3356 sokak alacakent sitesi C ANKARA Ankara 06800 Turkey

Our Companies ; ATA Doruk Aviation are dealing with Military and Civilian Projects all over the World, for over 10 years.. ATA Doruk Aviation is located in Ankara-Turkey, dealing with Military and Aviation Projects more than 10 years. We, not only serving to Turkish Govt but also managing projects in worldwide, USA and also Middle East. ATA Doruk Aviation is working focused on reliable technologies & right solutions, following the changes in technologies, generating unique and new projects to become a leader company regarding to new concepts and projects in our sector, nationally & internationally. ATA Doruk Aviation has strong capabilities in Foreign Military Acquisition; all echelons of training from combat skills through Combat Lifesaver to NATO Integration and Command Post Operations along with Operations & Maintenance. ATA Doruk Aviation is also unique in that it maintains and operates US/NATO equipment to include trucks, armored vehicles, communications equipment and weapons. ATA Doruk Aviation is supports international militaries with various spare parts for US/NATO vehicles, aircraft and helicopters.

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