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HT Electronics (HK) Co., Ltd. is an independent electronic component distributor that was established in 2006. He is an IC electronic component company - an independent distributor, producing a large number of difficult-to-find electronic components. The company is located in Shenzhen, focusing on import and export business of electronic components. We will respond to your requirements ASAP in 24 hours. With the professional technical support team, HT Electronics (HK) Co., Ltd. Can offer customers best price, accurate delivery time, engineering support, technical data sheet and help customers to inspect parts and protect customers from loss. We also have a large amount of inventory and we always try to meet the needs of customers. We also have good relationship with many agencies of ADI, ALTERA, INTEL, XIL, TI, MICRON, ST, NXP and other well-known brands. Just send your inquiry and BOM list and let our years experience bring you easy business. Company Vision: to be a global professional independent electronic component distributor and be a reliable business partner to our customers. Company Objectives: No counterfeit parts!! It appeared in this industry that some fake parts.We have spent a lot of effort in this regard, and fully complied with all necessary agreements to prove the authenticity. We believe that both our customers and us and get sronger and stronger on the basis of mutual trust and our opinion of win-win policy. Once again, just send your threw your inquiry and BOM list, and leave the rest for us to start our long termed cooperation. Email: [email protected]

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