Aipco Inc.

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6 Gormley Industrial Ave Gormley Ontario L0H1G0 Canada

What We Do: We buy new, excess, and discontinued, board-level electronic parts and components which we handle and store with care, in strict compliance with ESD standards and ISO 9001 / 2000 requirements. We market the parts back into the supply chain for use in new designs and manufacturing. How We Create Value: We organize and finance the purchase, care and storage of quality electronic parts during periods of low demand and distribute them during periods of increased demand. This lowers the cost of new products, increases availability of parts and reduces the need for manufacturing the same parts again with its consequent impact on the environment. Our Mission: As members of the community we strive to create value through focusing on our core competencies and adapting to our ever changing industry while maintaining strict adherence to ethical conduct.

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