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Sveavagen 166, 3rd fl Stockholm 11346 Sweden

Ex-Change Parts was established in 1999 by Göran Edgren, based in Borlänge, Sweden and Reidar Andersen, based in Flateby, Norway. Both Göran and Reidar had more than 30 years of experience in the helicopter business and were already selling helicopter parts and components. The warehouse was placed in Borlänge, Sweden, being a member of the European Union while sales was done both from Norway and Sweden. In 2003, the company had purchased several helicopter surplus parts inventories and the warehouse was relocated to bigger facilities on the local airport of Borlänge, Sweden where it is still located today. In 2006, Erik Edgren initiated a sales office in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2009, the Edgren family purchased all shares from Reidar Andersen and all operations of the company was moved to Sweden. Ex-Change Parts is today one of the industry leaders in aftermarket helicopter parts distribution. We serve more than 1,600 customer worldwide including all the major helicopter operators. Our warehouse in Borlänge, Sweden holds more than 54,000 line items in stock sourced from more than 50 surplus inventories purchased and more than 20 part-out projects. Ex-Change Parts stock a large inventory of more than 54,000 line items of helicopter parts, components and tooling in our in-house warehouse in Borlänge, Sweden. These products are available both for outright purchase and exchange for same day dispatch to anywhere in the world. We can usually source non-stock items efficiently so please contact us with your requirement. Whether through our own inventory, our industry network, or managing your inventory, Ex-Change Parts can meet your parts supply needs.

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