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Barclay Components mission is to provide timely solutions at a fair cost without ever compromising quality. Our in house documented high quality procedures include visual and microscope aided inspection in an ESD compliant area, date code and lot code verification and permanent photographic documentation of all incoming components. We firmly believe in our partnership with our full service third party test houses. An unbiased third party testing procedure ensures our customer of always receiving fair and impartial testing results. Our third party testing partners provide but are not limited to the following procedures: Decapsulation, permanency testing, x-ray, solderability, electrical testing and upscreening. Form, fit and function are guaranteed to meet manufacturer specification on all components shipped. All components shipped comes from pre-screened inventory or through our extensive, global list of trusted and approved vendors. Our vendor list is rated at a minimum of once per year and only vendors who meet our strict quality guidelines remain on our approved vendor list. At Barclay Components we realize how costly and time consuming it is for our customers when they receive less than 100% quality parts. Our pledge is to share our information in real time, presenting the facts whether the news is as expected or in those rare occasions the news may be other than anticipated. In short, we consider ourselves partners with our customers.

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