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Electronicount, is a global electronic parts supplier for different domains such as medical, telecom, aviation, transports, electronics industry…We assist our customer for their requirements and shortages through our network, at short time. We supply all kinds of electronic components whether it’s an active, passive or electromechanical part. Electronicount can assist you for different request: For obsolete : it’s maybe due to an old technology and not anymore produced by the Manufacturer. For a significant lead time: the component is still produced but not available immediately. For a saving price: in order to save costs for a recurrent request. Aware that the electronics industry is affected by Counterfeit parts, we put an accent to control the sourcing of electronic components. Our main partners for sourcing are OEM EMS in Europe who share their surplus for resale. Most of the time, parts have been purchased directly from franchised distributors.

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