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The aircraft parts aftermarket, vast in size, is susceptible to market dynamics and pockets of excess spares inventory inevitably materialize over time. Large scale manufacturing and logistical operations rarely possess the agility and efficiency to react immediately to new trends, changing demand, fleet upgrades, industry consolidation, and other unforeseen events. These challenges are perpetual and the resulting inventory accumulations are absorbed by the reverse side of the supply chain through various disposal methods. Our willingness to purchase inventory on speculation affords you the opportunity to immediately extract the recovery value from your excess material, by converting to cash. Aeroval, Inc. is actively buying qualified OEM traceable aircraft spares inventory in bulk. While a custom liquidation program can be designed to meet your individual excess disposal needs, our preferred method is to pay cash for the package, and take delivery of what is purchased. We thereby immediately unlock the remaining value within your excess and inactive material. Our purchase provides you with income proceeds, additional warehouse capacity, and removal of the associated tracking and carrying costs going forward. The net result being newly generated financial return from otherwise stagnant inventory assets. Contact us today for an immediate evaluation of your excess liquidation requirements.

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