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101 LACEY RD WHITING NEW JERSEY 08759 United States

Our Vision Our vision is to be a strategic partner offering products and services that pioneer solutions for our customer while continuing to meet current stringent quality standards. We intend to stand out as the distributor that adheres to a zero-tolerance standard for counterfeit and non-certified parts, and in doing so demonstrates our corporate commitment to quality while exemplifying integrity, honesty, reliability, accountability and value in the delivery of component products and customized solutions that exceed industry standards and that set a new benchmark for operational excellence. We intend to stay ahead of our competition by creating a virtual warehouse of products and a solution set that enables easy access and surety of product availability. Operational excellence starts with JA-Supply, Inc. When it came to choosing a new corporate headquarters, ensuring quality, security and maximizing space functionality and efficiencies were at the top of our list. Our new location features: Climate-controlled facility with over 200,000 line items of inventory 24/7 Remotely-monitored video security surveillance Quality Inspection Center – Our on-site Inspection facility – staffed by certified Quality Inspectors, coupled with the latest counterfeit mitigation A great location, located in Whiting , NJ, near all major Airports makes for convenient daily pickups and deliveries by DHL, FedEx, UPS and other carriers Located just Miles From the Lakehurst Naval Base & McGuire Air Force Base Room for expansion to increase inventory levels for prospective inventory partners

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