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What are the Biggest Advancements in Aircraft Aviation?


Throughout the decades, there have been great strides in advancing technologies used in aircraft engineering. However, you may be wondering what the most ground-breaking discoveries were that sculpted the modern commercial jets we know today.   In this blog, we will discuss some of these achievements and the impact they had on the airline industry.  The […]

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What are the Most Expensive Parts of a Plane?


The airline industry is highly lucrative with planes like the Airbus A380 costing around $276,000,000 (£227,755,200.00). However, the vast assortment of expensive aircraft parts that make a plane fly is staggering.   In this article, we discuss some of these airplane parts and their specific purposes.    The Integrated Drive Generator  The IDG (Integrated Drive Generator) is the least […]

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How to Start a Career in Aviation Engineering?


Aircraft engineering is a highly rewarding and exciting career. Aircraft engineers are responsible for the maintenance of planes and their systems – whether it’s conducting research, running diagnostics, troubleshooting, upgrading systems, reporting, or repairing faults, it’s a role where no two days are the same.  There is a shortage of aircraft engineers – the aviation […]

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Why are Lead Acid Batteries Used in Airplanes?


You may have heard of lead acid batteries but, have you ever wondered how they are used in avionics?   In this blog, we will discuss how these airplane batteries work, and what their roles and purposes are in the aerospace industry, so keep reading to learn more!  How Do Lead Acid Batteries Work?  Before finding […]

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A Look at the History of Aerospace Technology and Accomplishments


The aerospace industry is no doubt one of the largest in the world. Estimated to be worth around $900 billion, the aerospace industry employs around 95,000 people in the UK alone.   But what has the journey been like for the industry? Let’s reverse time and take you through some of the most important moments in […]

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Sustainable Aviation Fuels: What are They?


It’s no secret that air travel is a highly sensitive and controversial topic when it comes to the climate. The industry is under intense scrutiny to reduce it’s CO2 emissions, with many calling for people to give up flying altogether to help decrease the impact on the planet.  It’s estimated that aviation is responsible for […]

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Why is Avionics Important?


How important is avionics? You may be wondering if it’s the be-all and end-all in the aircraft industry, but to first answer that question, let’s delve a bit deeper into exactly what avionics is. What is Meant by Avionics?  Avionics is an abbreviation for aviation electronics, which includes navigation, radio, and the monitoring of aircraft […]

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What is the Airbus A380 Price?


The Airbus A380 is the world’s largest passenger airliner, yes, even larger than the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. The A380 weighs over 550 tonnes, has four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines and can carry up to 850 passengers.   With all of these features, you might be wondering just how much the Airbus A380 cost to build? […]

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MRO Aviation: What is It?


Aviation is a complex industry. There are a lot of aircraft parts to consider when making sure that your aeroplane is safe and performs to the best of its capabilities. As a result, you could hear terms and phrases that you’re unfamiliar with – one of which may be ‘MRO’. Explaining the Term ‘MRO’ MRO […]

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Aircraft Brakes: The Various Types in an a Modern Plane


When aviation was a relatively new means of travel, pilots relied on three things to land safely: slow speeds, the soft surface of the airfield and the friction by skidding the tail to reduce speed upon landing. Nowadays, with the advancement of avionics, several different braking systems ensure a safe landing of commercial jets and the now […]

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Aviation Interview: Stefan Fletcher – Insights and Expertise from a Seasoned Professional


Welcome to our latest blog post. This week introduces a new theme for our blog posts – interviews. And to kick this new theme off, we’ve interviewed the Managing Director of AVSpares, Stefan Fletcher. We find out how he got into the aviation industry, what interest he has in Aircraft spares and MRO services as […]

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